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About Craig Boehman
I'm an American photographer based in Mumbai, India.
In 2015 I began my professional photography career – in reverse. I got the cover of the magazine at the start and then worked toward developing my creative work and business model.
Black-and-white photography has always been a love of mine. This passion was sparked out in the streets of Mumbai and Kolkata, where much of my street photography is still produced to this day. In the beginning, I looked for “serious” subjects – ordinary people striving to make a living in what many Westerns would perceive as extreme conditions. I’ve waded through knee-deep garbage and filth during monsoon to speak to a fisherman about his makeshift flood wall. I’ve explored slums and locations typically off the beaten tourist path – and discovered that there volumes of interesting people and places that aren’t written about much in travel guides. I've photographed actors and models, on the other side of the spectrum. No matter the scene, people are my subjects; people are my muses. 

After a couple years of shooting I started to develop my color and fine art photography. I organized street photography workshops and began to get my work into magazines and online publications with more frequency. In 2017 I began a personal project called #3StrangersAday – when I challenged myself to take three pictures of strangers everyday for a year. I completed the project and now have 1, 095 images to show for it. The experience taught me, among other things, that getting the shots was paramount no matter what the circumstances.

My work has been shown in photography exhibitions around the world and featured in publications like Le Monde Diplomatique, Verve Magazine, and The Hindustan Times.