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Trade For Print (TFP)


Trade for print simply means an arrangement between photographer and model (or other parties like hair and makeup, stylist, etc.) in which the photographer agrees to give a certain amount of shoots to the model in exchange for the model's time and efforts in a shoot. These days the word "collaboration" is typically used in place of TFP, although it can mean something else entirely.


For me trade for print is intended to help both me and my subject fill out portfolios in order to obtain specific work or for personal use on the web. We will figure out together what kind of shoot we wish to design, whether it be based on fashion, activities, creative portraits, etc. I may have something in mind for you prior to our discussion - and you may be thinking of something too. I'm open to suggests, always. Essentially, the point of our shoot is to be beneficial to both of us, or why bother at all? Let's have fun. But let's be smart about it and plan something great. 

I love creative portraiture and have recently began creating a body of personal work. Many of these images will serve in a a portfolio for specific client work in the future. It's important for me whenever I'm in between clients and other projects to continue to shoot subjects in order to satisfy my creativity as well as to hone my photography skills. If you are interested or know of somebody who may be, please contact me or share the URL of this page to those interested. The following FAQ I believe will answer most questions you will have.

Currently Seeking:

February 16, 2020: Currently Seeking Female model for fashion-orientated shoot. [reference images at bottom of page]


Shoot would be outdoors here in Mumbai at Versova Beach on February 25th (Tuesday). Meeting time 6:45am sharp. Please note if you're late I will have to cancel this shoot as lighting is important to getting great images. The wardrobe is key to this shoot. I'm looking for someone who has one stunning outfit, high fashion. Think Italian Vogue. The model would be posing in "serious" looks - basically, no smiling and showcasing the outfit. Whatever hair and makeup would be done by model to compliment the outfit. If you're interested, please send me your portfolio or pictures of you. Also, please read the following information and send me a signed copy of my model release form. Once I receive your portfolio and model release form, we could either meet in person (see below) or discuss via WhatsApp. Also, I'll need to see any outfit in advance before I can approve the shoot. Thank you - I look forward to chatting with you!


2nd Option - Studio shoot. Date and time can be scheduled per our convenience since we're not depending on outdoor lighting. I will cover the cost of studio rental for five hours if model has 3-5 amazing fashion outfits. In addition to sending a link to your portfolio or Instagram, please send pictures of your outfits for consideration. 




Do I have to be a professional model or actor?

No. Most of my subjects have never modelled, acted, or been in a studio setting before. 


Do you photograph both male and female subjects?



Will the session be in a studio or someplace else?

There are a few options here. If there are places you know you'd like to shoot, we can photograph there, whether that be indoors or outdoors. If you wish to be photographed in a studio, or make use of a makeup artist and stylist, you would have to pay for these services and coordinate those times to fit for our schedule. Otherwise, we will likely shoot outdoors in any number of locales in Mumbai. 


Do you provide hair & makeup, wardrobe?

No. But you may book these services to coincide with our shooting schedule. Or we can try to find someone who will agree to a TFP shoot. 

Do you provide flights, accommodations, transportation to and from shoot, or any expenses related to the shoot incurred by the model?


What kind of personal work do you do?

I am seeking subjects who are able to deliver on expression for creative portraiture. I like to shoot a lot of black and white with a moody atmosphere. Don't think of yourself as a model in my shoots - think more of yourself as an actor. I'm really looking for someone who can emote and express themselves in unique ways. That's why if you're a dancer or someone whose passion involves extreme movement, then I'm very much interested in you as a subject. But you don't have to be one of these performers either. Being able to move and pose in quirky ways is also something I'm always looking for in a subject. Basically, the last thing I'm looking for is someone to stand before me and look good - this  isn't interesting to me in the slightest. I want character, expression, and an aesthetic to construct around it (my job). 


How many photos will I receive? And do I get to choose which ones?

Generally speaking, you'll receive about 20 images maximum. This can vary however, depending on how many wardrobe changes, locations, etc. 


How do I book you? 

If you'd like to have complete control of the process, you may book a paid photo shoot with me. See my Services page, under Portraits.


What size images do I get?

You will receive high quality jpegs at approximately 2500x1667 pixels. This size far exceeds most output quality for social media platforms like Instagram, which currently recommends 1080x1080 or similar.


Can I get RAW files too?

No. I don't send RAW files to any of my paying clients by practice. RAW files are large files and unedited, and need work done to them before being exported as jpegs or other file formats that your computer, phone, and other devices can read. My RAW files are never offered in any packages and never for sale. The following video goes into depth about why many photographers don't give away their RAW files.

Can I edit my photos if I don't like the looks of them?

No. I request that all my clients, paid or unpaid, respect my work as a professional and not edit the final images which are presented to you. Once I convert a RAW file into the finished image as a jpeg file, all the colors, contrast, tones, etc., are in effect baked into the file. When you edit a jpeg, it degrades the image quality each time you save it. Phone filters and other apps also degrade the quality of jpeg files. More importantly to me, it's my reputation as a photographer that's on display. If you edit my files you immediately erase my work as both a photographer and a retoucher. And trust me, nothing agitates me more. 


It may sound harsh, but this long preamble is here as a warning to those before you decide to work with me, because of a few bad experiences I've already had. If you decide to ultimately edit my work regardless, the chances are I probably won't work with you in the future. And don't be surprised if your picture ends up in an adult diapers ad or on a bag of cat food :) But seriously, just don't do it. 


Can I use my images for commercial purposes, for business websites, promotions, or even sell them?

No. The images I release are for non-commercial use only. They cannot be used to generate profit or given to a third party for commercial use. They are meant for your website, portfolio, or social media pages, etc. If you wish to use my images for commercial later on, there would be a charge of my full day rate plus a usage rights fee, which would have to be negotiated based on your or your party's needs. 


Who owns the rights to these images?

All rights remain with the photographer. You are granted non-commercial usage rights in perpetuity (except in any instance when clauses are broken as stated in Model Release). 

Is it required that I fill out and send you a Model Release form?

Yes. If you wish to work with me, it's best you download and fill out the Model Release form included below. Send this to me when you contact me, along with your portfolio. 

How long do I have to wait until you send me the images?

I'll usually inform you after the shoot how long it will take, but usually within a few days, depending on how much work I have before me. 

How will you send my images?

I will use WeTransfer to send your images. Please not that the links expire after 7 days.

If I lose my images or need additional copies at a later date, can I get more?

The short answer is no. There's no guarantee that I'll be able to store your images in the long term. But if I do happen to still have your files, please note that there will be a 100 rs. charge per image that you need replaced. Please store your images in multiple places once I send them to you. Best is to have a backup on your Google Drive, laptop, and perhaps on your phone and external hard drives. 

Do we meet prior to the shoot or do we discuss on phone/WhatsApp?

Whichever is your preference. Keep in mind that I stay in Andheri and any meetings I have usually default to the Starbucks at Infiniti. If you're willing to travel there, I'm always happy to meet up. 

How do I request my photo shoot?

If you're interested in working with me, please contact me on this website and send me a link to your Instagram page or portfolio. I will send you a reply as soon as I can. Also, please download and sign the model release form included below in advance of meeting. It details your usage rights too. 

Be Professional, Be On Time

When I schedule a shoot with you, please note that is is essential to be on time. For outdoors shoots, this is even more important because I schedule morning or evening shoots to coincide with Golden Hour. So it's not a case of me scheduling for your convenience or for mine - I schedule shoots outdoors according to the best light. Likewise, if I've hired a studio it's required to be on time because I've reserved a time slot in advance. If you're late, it's not only time that's wasted, it's money. 

Typical outdoor schedules based on morning or evening shoots.

Mornings: Arrival half-hour prior to official sunrise. If the official sunrise for Mumbai is 7:15, arrival time wold be 6:45am. This will allow for approximately 2 hours of shooting in optimal light. It's important to be punctual because usually after a couple hours the sun will be high enough in the sky to cause models to squint too often and experience more watering eyes and discomfort - which doesn't make for good photography. 

Evenings: Arrival two-and-a-half hours prior to official sunset. If the official sunset for Mumbai is 6:30pm, arrival time would be 4:00pm. It's important to note that being late would drastically reduce available time to shoot, in part because in Mumbai sunsets usually occur before the official time because the sun is often blocked before the horizon by pollution. 




The day/night before it is essential to confirm with me that you're still planning to attend your shoot. Likewise, one hour prior to leaving, we need to confirm when each of us is departing home to reach the destination. If you don't confirm by 10pm the night prior to a shoot, please note that I reserve the right to cancel our shoot. I need to know that you're committed to our time because sometimes shoots are scheduled weeks in advance. Likewise, on the day of your shoot with me, you need to confirm/respond to me about your exact arrival time in a timely manner. Again, I reserve the right to cancel if I don't hear back from you. If you're more than 15 minutes late, I will cancel our shoot. 


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