Professional retouching services
I offer retouching services to professionals and businesses globally. My rates are competitive and my turnaround time is very fast, usually within 48 hours for small batches. 

I have six years of experience as a retoucher in my photography business. My primary tools are Adobe Photoshop and Bridge (Lightroom if required). I also work with plugins like the NIK Software collection for batches, along with Portrait Pro and Luminar AI.

You could call me a fine art photography retoucher. If left to my own devices, this is what I do when nobody is around. It’s also my specialty. Changing the aesthetic of an image to create new moods or even new worlds is what excites me about using photography as a medium for creating art. When you choose to hire me for more subtle but fantastic results for weddings and special events, lifestyle, and portraiture, I can do this too. In fact, over five years of shooting street photography have taught me one basic thing when it comes to photo editing: the subject has to stand out, it has to pop. That doesn’t mean the entire image has to be dramatically transformed. The key is to “keep it real” while showcasing a scene that looks like it would belong within the pages of a respected publication. My Before and After examples below will demonstrate both my abilities in artistic editing as well as the commercial side, with emphasis on the subject and maintaining scenic integrity.  

My standard rate for assignments is $32 per hour. I’d love to enter into a discussion about your specific requirements to see if I’m the best retoucher for you.

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Rate - 32.00 USD per hour 
Trial Images - 5.00 USD per image
What I Do:
- High-quality retouching in Photoshop (various plugins available for batch work continuity)
- Dodging and burning
- Liquify
- Background removal
- Masks & Smart Objects
- Image compositing
- Frequency separation
- Color grading
- Blemish - Dust - Distraction - People removal, etc.
- Color-matching/replacement
- Portrait photography
- Product photography
- Lifestyle photography
- Architecture
- One re-edit on request. Additional edits $32 per hour

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Before and After

All images by Craig Boehman

Before and After

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