Versova Methi Farmers Back In Action

Documentary photography by Craig Boehman.

I documented earlier this year prior to the Covid-19 lockdown in India about how Versova's methi farmers were being driven from their plots and livelihoods.

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However, despite the pandemic and the BMC driving farmers and families from the land, the farming activities have continued.

After the pandemic shut down much of the Coastal Highway construction activities, there were instances of guerrilla farming in concealed locations, mostly small and single plots tended to by very few farmers. But any casual stroller along Versova Beach in late October of 2020 will find the methi farmers tending to their plots once again. I expect to be documenting the work there in the coming weeks as I had done prior to lockdown.

About the picture

Two farmers relaxing next to [unidentified] vines which grow where wells once existed. In the distance, makeshift homes house farmers and their families.

Stay tuned.

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