Of Simplicity & Silhouettes

Photography shoptalk by Craig Boehman.

I'm a pundit of Occam's Razor. I think the basic principle for the preference of simplicity is quite suited for minimalist imagery. This is not to say that all minimalist imagery should be processed as simply as possible. Such rules are the pillow talks of amateurs.

For someone like me, who enjoys multiple Photoshop layers and complicated methods to create images once they're transferred from my camera to computer, sometimes a break in the business-as-usual model is a welcome task.

And why shouldn't we strive for simplicity once in a while? Even Occam's nearly 700-year-old razor needs a little sharpening from time-to-time.

For this image, I simply created a sharpening mask along with three luminosity masks, with a blank layer on top to clean up a few spots and specs. I didn't even bother converting this image to black-and-white since it already contained a largely monochromatic vibe. I think the general warm tone in the bottom half of the picture and within the skin tones adds a little something extra.

I'll mention that I knew in advance that I'd be shooting in terrible light. But sometimes even this cardinal sin is okay in photography if one is going for a certain look. Again, rules get in the way of a good time (sometimes!).

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