January 14, 2021 Stroll

Street photography by Craig Boehman.

I enjoyed my 1.5-hour walk today along Link Road, from Malad West to Andheri West. I managed to get a few shots in. I'll include the five that I edited along with two captions that I used in social media. But first, those without captions.

"Children born to get high

Turn your heads to the sky

We're burnin' in the heat below

With a thorn in the side

And the ocean too high

And the avenue's so long"

Lyrics from "Looking For The Rain" by UNKLE feat. Mark Lanegan & ESKA

I was walking along Link Road and it was one of those times when you spot someone at the same time they spot you. If it were a duel, both of us would have been shot. But I was the only one with a camera.

When I'm shooting street photography, my camera is always in my hand and ready to shoot. This can be painful and fatiguing over time on long walks when I'm carrying larger lenses, like an 85mm prime, like I was for this shot. The advantage is that I'm always ready. The opportunity to react quickly is there, especially while on the move. I can't stress enough how important it is to be ready when you're shooting street photography. In my humble opinion, you can't be walking around like a tourist with your camera dangling around your neck: this isn't a good look for a street photographer; it only shows that you aren't really serious, or at the very least, you're not ready (same thing in my book).

What I like about this particular shot is that one of the crazy mirrors on this truck happened to reflect half of me while I was approaching my subject. It's these kinds of selfies that I don't mind taking.

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