How To Set Up The Sony A7iii For High Speed Sync

Simple settings to quickly set-up your Sony A7iii for high speed sync.

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Let's jump right into this. Here are the settings.

Step 1

Go to the second menu tab and scroll to page 4. Two settings to adjust.

- As a precaution, make sure Silent Shooting is Off.

- e-Front Curtain Shut. should be Off.

Step 2

Go to the Function button (Fn).

- In the Flash Mode box, select REAR.


These settings should work for any flash system. I was using the Godox X1t-S trigger and Godox TT600 flash.

I usually turn off Silent Shooting for off-camera flash work because this mode can render some functions inoperable, including flash.

Flash mode settings for high speed sync vary across the Sony Alpha models, which is why there is often confusion as to what the actual settings are. For instance, the Sony A7rii doesn't use Rear but Wireless when selecting in Flash Mode. But when you look at the display on the back of the Sony A7iii, you will see a confirmation with Wireless being selected in the upper left of the screen (flash symbol, HSS, WL). See below.

Naturally, the trigger and flash units must be synced up properly to function together with the Sony A7iii. The above screen will only be shown if you actually have the trigger turned on and mounted on the hot shoe.


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