Black And White Shots From January 2017

Mumbai street photography by Craig Boehman.

I began a one-year everyday photography project on January 1, 2017. Besides contributing three daily images, there were outtakes or simply too many other images that didn't make the final cut. Some of these I did share in my social media profiles but others remained stored away as edits, buried deep in the cold storage of my Flickr account.

After more than six months of the Covid-19 pandemic, I've realized I've become very much nostalgic for those pre-Covid times when I was free to roam around without risk. And despite moving toward a more artistic approach to photography, I really do yearn for some good old fashion, black-and-white street photography magic in my life. These images were all shot on my old Canon T3 Rebel using various lenses in January of that year. It was during this phase in my photography when I was attempting to get closer to my subjects. Later during the year, I was to begin my move toward my preference of using only prime lenses, which really came to fruition when I switched over to mirrorless more than a year later.

All of these were taken in Mumbai during my daily excursions.

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