Fine art photography by Craig Boehman.

The title of this piece is "He", which is also the scientific symbol for helium. I originally photographed this boy in a railroad colony in Kolkata on New Years Day 2020, a few short months before all the Covid-19 shit hit the fan in India and the rest of the world. I've always known I'd do something additional with this boy, knowing full-well he'd be extracted from his home and placed somewhere else, perhaps among a composite of 8-9 other images, as is the case here. While appearing as a joyful image or maybe even one of hope, I can only think in terms of mass-delusion and tragedy when I see this image, knowing the history of how I felt at the time (brimming with New Years joy) and pondering the great things to come, like the prospects of travel overseas to New Zealand for my big birthday come November. And much like a helium balloon, that dream started to lose its steam in late March until the very balloon hosting this dream lost all lift, deflated and fell flat, and only to die somewhere within a deep, dark mountain crevasse. On a brighter note, at least I'm alive. So are my friends and family. That bastard Covid-19 may have claimed 2020 but I do have a shred of hope for the year to come. Fingers crossed for that New Years' business! I've included the original image here and another image of Hes I shot on 1-1-2020.

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