Looking For An Assistant

I’ve been asked a few times by individuals looking to assist me in my work, for which, I am very grateful. A recent change in approach is now demanding that I carry more equipment into the field on top of other things which are needed, like translating Hindi and Marathi.

My Ideal Assistant Would:

- Always be punctual. As in, not an hour late or even one minute late, but on time, if not early

- Already own a DSLR, mirrorless, or decent phone camera

- Be able to function at early morning hours

- Be able to translate both Hindi and Marathi (although would consider a Hindi speaker only too)

- Live in Mumbai (Andheri West or adjacent neighbourhood)

- Be able to withstand heat and humidity, maybe occasional strenuous trekking

- Be physically able to pack a few things in a backpack (compact lighting equipment, water, etc.)

- Be available 2-3 times per week from February 2020 through March for a trial run

- Organize and schedule model shoots and other scheduling functions

What I offer in return

- Camera instruction on your own gear

- Photoshop editing & retouching

- How to shoot street photography

- Instruction in composition and general photography tips

- At least three hours a week in individual instruction and field practice

I am looking for a permanent and paid assistant, but I’m willing to wait to find the right person. I won’t be able to pay assistants until mutual trust is gained and until I know we’re a perfect fit. Please consider any assistant position as a trial run until we both know for certain things will work out. At the very least, even a temporary assistant will learn a lot from me, including how I go about photographing subjects and how I post-process my images – services I’d charge for normally in workshops.

Please contact me through social media or here if you're interested. I'll be looking forward to chatting with you. 

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