Lanes of Varanasi 2022

Join me in Varanasi, February 7-11 2022

4-Day Street Photography Workshop

(5 slots available)

Early Bird rate: $935 Before January 1st, 2022

Regular rate $1,100 after January 1st, 2022


Join me on a fully-guided street photography experience in Varanasi, India. Our time will be spent wandering the labyrinth of lanes that sit above the Ganges River. We'll naturally explore the famous promenade along the river too as well as the nightly Ganga Aarti - by boat. If you love street photography and wish to immerse yourself from before sunrise to sunset in nothing but exploration and photography, then you may want to reserve your slot now.

This is a four-day workshop. Our days will begin early, at least 45 minutes before sunrise so that we can position ourselves along the river to catch the rising sun and photograph the lives of the locals going about their daily routines. On some days we will walk and on others, we may boat (or both!). There are worshippers and holy men, fishermen, merchants, and other tourists walking the promenade along the Ganges River. We will capture street portraits and candid moments. I will help you, if needed, to get up close and photograph subjects. I can also help you with the right camera settings and modes depending on what we’re shooting.

Once we capture the river scenes for a couple of hours or so, we’ll move up to the Lanes, and likely our first stop will be for breakfast. Afterward, we’ll spend much of the day in the lanes photographing people and scenes. We’ll move back down to the river whenever we feel like a change of scenery. The bottom line is, we’ll be paying attention to the light and where the action is.

What’s included:

A full day of guidance from before sunrise until the conclusion of the Ganga Aarti in the evening. This is a full day - 14 hours or more of street photography!

Private Facebook Group invitation for coordination before the trip. I’ll answer questions here and we’ll get to know one another. We’ll use this space for a staging ground up until the day we meet in Varanasi.

What’s not included:

Hotel and accommodations, meals, travel, personal expenses, medical, travel insurance, misc. expenses, and transport. Essentially, all costs are covered by you. This is a workshop experience for those who’ve made it a point to visit Varanasi independently and who would like an experienced photographer/guide to show them around.

General Recommendations:  Travel insurance! All my workshops are fully non-refundable and non-changeable once you book your slot. If you’re not able to attend for unforeseen reasons, travel insurance may help out. I strongly recommend it, especially for the rest of your trip and stay in India.

Comfortable shoes. This is very important, especially for those who haven’t taken part in all-day, multi-day workshops.

Recommended hotel: Hotel Alka. This hotel is centrally located and perched just above the Ganges River at Meer Ghat. It is where I’ll be staying (I’ve stayed here twice before) because of the location and excellent service from the staff. Our morning and evening meet-ups will begin here in the courtyard. If you don’t stay here, it’s highly recommended to stay at least in Meer Ghat. Otherwise, there’s too much walking to do to keep up with the group at the beginning of each day.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please reach out to me on my Contact page.



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